Kirk Wojno, MD

CSO of Syntheslide

Austin McCarty

CIO and Co-Founder of Syntheslide

Nakul Shankar, MD

COO, and Co-Founder of Syntheslide

Donald Moylan, MD

CEO of Syntheslide

Nakul Shankar, MD

Nakul is a physician who trained at Ross University School of Medicine. He conceptualized Syntheslide's whole slide imaging protocols during the spare time of his third and fourth year rotations in Medical School. He has relied on the mentorship and guidance of many attending pathologists along the way while rotating as a doctor in training in many different cities.

Austin McCarty

Austin is currently a Global Business Manager with Wipro. Previously, he was a lead architect for GM on their Mobile App platform. He received his MBA from Ross School of Business (University of Michigan). On the side, he founded an independent gaming company and enjoys running as a hobby. He recently completed the Detroit Free Press marathon.

Dr. Kirk Wojno, MD

Doctor Wojno is a nationally renowned expert in prostate biopsy interpretation. He studied at The Johns Hopkins hospital in the 1990s and was trained by the father of modern urologic pathology, Doctor Jonathan Epstein. As the former head of urologic pathology at the University of Michigan, St. John’s Health System, and national Ameripath laboratories he is extremely knowledgeable in his field.

Dr. Don Moylan, MD

Presently, Dr. Moylan is the President and CEO of Comprehensive Urology and Comprehensive Medical Center, PLLC. This group offers patients the best integrated Urologic healthcare in the state of Michigan. The main office building on Woodward is the best equipped and staffed Urologic Center in the State of Michigan. Dr. Moylan is also one of the founders of the Beaumont Oncology Network, Beaumont Hospital’s Cancer care program involving all three Beaumont Hospitals. He is also one of the leaders in the country in formulating Oncology Best Practice Plans and Quality Collaboratives to provide patients the best diagnosis and treatment of their Urologic disorder.